About Us

Hazoo Uk Limited / hazoo.co.uk one of the largest and most important suppliers of electronics, furniture, home and garden in UK. Originally started in UK in 2020, the group quickly established a broad presence in UK. In the meantime, eight other sister companies are active throughout UK.

The top-selling area of the Hazoo Uk Limited / hazoo.co.uk is aimed exclusively at consumers and offers a full range of more than 20,000 products from all well-known manufacturers. The company benefits from strong partnerships with the most relevant manufacturers such as many more great brands.

This is responsible for the international production of accessories such as screens, mounting systems, signal management etc. as well as the sale of these products to distributors and the specialised trade.

Since its launch in January 2020, Hazoo Uk Limited / hazoo.co.uk has already served more than 180,000 customers in UK.